Send an e-mail to Madeline H. Wyndzen, Ph. D. In citations, please use my full name instead of something impersonal (e.g., please use "Wyndzen, M. H. (1998)" and not ""). But in e-mail you can call me "Maddie!".

Thank you for caring enough to write me. When I started this site in 1998 I had no idea the sort of response I would get. A new person visits my web-site, on average, every 4 minutes (24 hours a day / 7 days a week). That means about 11,000 people visit my site every month! A fraction of you write me. Your beautiful heart-felt e-mail messages are what has kept me writing and designing for this site.

I need your understanding while I step away from transgenderism. For me, being transgendered is only one of many aspects of who I am. Though only a small fraction of you write me, I find myself overwhelmed with far more e-mail than I could ever hope to reply to. Over time, I have been dedicating less time to addressing personal issues and more time to addressing global issues (e.g., how the assumption that transgenderism is a mental illness influences psychological portrayals of us). But even this broader focus has gotten to be too much for me. I recently completed my Ph.D. and I am begining a career. My partner and I are seriously talking about having children soon. In short, I need to step away from transgender issues for the next several years. I still read and appreciate your e-mail, but please do not expect replies.

Madeline H. Wyndzen is not my real name. For the sake of honesty, I would like you to know that my real name is not "Madeline." For this site's first 5 years I omitted my last name from this site, but gave my real first and middle names. As I have focused more on the psychological research surrounding transgenderism, I have found in more and more awkward not to have a last name. For example, in order to cite my essays in APA style, you would start with my last name. That is why I created a pen name, "Madeline H. Wyndzen." Please use this name in all citations, publications, and correspondence with me. I also feel that separating my real name from this web-site can help me step away from transgender issues while I work on other priorities.

Our correspondence and this website are not therapy. I would understand if some of you felt you were getting therapy when you write me. It's true that I have a Ph. D. in Psychology and that I often write from my knowledge of my field. This site is meant as an educational resource. However, in no way should any web-site content or correspondence with me be considered therapeutic advice or the formation of a therapeutic relationship. I am not even the kind of psychologist who gives therapy. Instead, I am the type of psychologist who conducts experiments and studies to find out about all those things you read about in textbooks. In particular, I am a developmental psychologist, which means I study children and how they grow from tiny infants into full fledged adults.

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