Learn about the psychology of transgenderism, gender identity disorder, and transvestic fetishism. Yes, there is a value-laden psychopathology that says who we are is wrong. But there is also a scientific approach to psychology that examines gender, other group differences, individual differences, and universal aspects of who we are. Psychology has a lot to teach all of us.

Psychology & Psychopathology of Transgenderism

A scientific look at Gender Identity Disorder & Transvestic Fetishism

Academic perspectives on the psychology of transsexuality are represented by groups like the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association (HBIGDA) and are codified in the mental illness model of the DSM-IV-TR as Gender Identity Disorder (GID) and Transvestic Fetishism (TF). This psychopathology treats transsexuality and cross-dressing as inherently bad things about us. They're not. Gender bending, gender queers, and transgenderism show society how uncomfortable it is trying to understanding gender and sexuality. Can sexologists refrain from placing value judgements upon those with gender dysphoria and instead refine the way we understand the psychology of gender, atypical gender development, and gender role socialization? I hope that by bringing a personal and non-judgemental scientific approach to understanding transgenderism, I can help transsexuals, cross-dressers, and psychopathologists grow and develop as people.