Practical guidance and personal messages for those considering transitioning and for other transgendered persons.

Inspiration for Living Life & Practical Applications of Psychology

For a long time I have felt that I should have a 'carpe-diem' perspective on life. But it's never been that simple for me. I guess that's because no matter how much I feel happiness is important, I also felt like I needed to do something or be something to satisy some mythically person's judgement of me. I'm not sure why I have done that. Anybody who has an opinion worth caring about, anyone who actually cares about me, wouldn't be judging me anyway. But I have still found it hard to live life. Since I went full-time (being perceived as a girl), I have decided that it's just as important for me to experience life as it is for me to interpret life. I feel experiences, both practical (like preserving your reproductive options if you transition) and spiritual (like inspirational carpe diem poems), are worth sharing with you too.